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Mental Health Rehabilitation

Providing mental health services for adults and children

What is MHR?

Children Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Rehabilitation (MHR) services for adults with mental illness and children with emotional or behavioral disorders are home and community-based services which are needed to reduce the disability resulting from mental illness and assist in the recovery and resiliency of the recipient. The intent of MHR services is to minimize the disabling effects on the individual’s capacity for independent living and to prevent or limit the periods of inpatient treatment.

How Does MHR Help Clients?

  • Assist clients in the stabilization of acute symptoms of mental illness.
  • Assist clients in coping with the chronic symptoms of their mental illness.
  • Minimize the aspects of mental illness that make it difficult for a recipient to live independently.
  • Reduce or prevent psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • For children, minimize the amount of time spent in out-of-home placement and disruptions in school.
  • MHR Services We Offer

    • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
    • Community Psychiatric Support & Treatment
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Psychotherapy

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